Cultivating Openness to Diversity

Using art making as an educational tool, CulTrees creates fruitful environments of non formal Adult Education focusing on Cultural Awareness and Expression (key competence No8 Cultural Awareness and Expression according to European Reference Framework – ERF).
Seven Cultural Organisations from Greece, Germany, Holland, Italy, Hungary, Lithuania and France (members of the Roots and Routes International network) will contribute with educational tools, methods and techniques in a five-days meeting in Larissa, in order to exchange good practices, following the methodology of peer coaching.

The result of this training will be a methodology that is going to raise the openness and encounter prejudices and stereotypes, through art activities (performing arts, media, visual and literary arts).

CulTrees is an Erasmus+ project (KA2 Strategic Partnerships in Adult Education) and is coordinated by Synergy of Music Theatre – SmouTh.

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