The ROOTS & ROUTES network has developed various project formats since 2001, from short workshops to multiannual trajectories.
ROOTS & ROUTES started off in 2001 with short, intensive workshop phases: 3 to 7 days of hands-on workshops in music, dance and media, including coaching by professional artists and masterclasses; mostly leading to public performances. Typically, these editions of ROOTS & ROUTES are connected to a festival bringing artistic masters into town and offering a performance slot for the participating young artists.

Since 2006, several additional formats have been developed:

  • Summer Courses / Summer Schools

Longer workshops of 2 to 3 weeks with a stronger focus on further education and professionalisation of young artists, in the three competency fields of artistry, entrepreneurship and coaching; including masterclasses and public performances

  • Transdisciplinary Artistic Residencies

Artistic residencies of 10 to 20 days, mostly with internationally composed group of participants and transdisciplinary approaches, leading to public performances; besides single residencies, the ROOTS & ROUTES network has also done series of residencies with a recurring core of young artists and additional young artists stepping in and out on the way

  • Peer Coach Academies

The ROOTS & ROUTES Peer Coach Academy offers a full curriculum for aspiring junior coaches, with a workload of 168 hours (6 * 28 hours = 6 ECTS), containing a minimum of 60 contact hours (course phases) and minimum of 60 fieldwork hours (including preparation time); additional modules include practical Testing Zones, Further Training Seminars and reflection meetings / Comeback Days

  • Step1s

Close to the original ROOTS & ROUTES concept, Step1 projects are short workshop phases of mostly 3 to 7 days, with several artistic disciplines mostly including music and dance; aspiring young artists are coached by ROOTS & ROUTES Peer Coaches (to whom the Step1 project can be a Testing Zone within their education of becoming a Junior Coach) and by professional artists, together they work towards a common public performance