Where do I start to write a project? Who, where and in which format do I have to present/ deliver it? Which are the points that have to be clearly described in my project?




Project management

Target groups

Artists, Creative and Cultural Professions


for all sectors, photography, visual and graphic arts, music, webdesign, dance, media, performing arts

Level of experience



Anybody who wants to develop a project and present it to potential buyers or apply for grants.


To Have a developed project in mind and willing to present it


A project is a living thing that can change and evolve and I have to analyse it constantly. Each project can have one or several project presentations, depending on which is my goal/ goals and how many ways I find to present it. Having my project written and doing a simulate presentation will help me to be ready for next presentations.


  • The difference between The project of my life (me) and my artistic projects
  • The points to talk about in a written and an oral project presentation
  • Knowing the industry of my sector and the cultural market
  • Oral Presentation of you and your project. Feedback


Presentation by the trainer, open space for writting with the trainer advice, oral presentation to the trainer and all participants with feedback.


  • To be able to write your project
  • To know where to present your project
  • Get tips and tricks to be ready in a presentation


Gain confidence with your project and your capacity to trasmit it


Video projector and screen, computer, wi-fi, flipchart and markers, white sheets and pens.


Each participant fills an evaluation form after the module. There is avaible a summary of all evaluations.

Support material

ppt presentation, info sheets


12 h


8 to 14

Course language(s)

Español, English

Past track experience

since 2015


Montserrat Prat


Associació Rutes i Origens (RiO)


Irene Alfambra


under the project Routes to Employment


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Associació Rutes i Origens (RiO)

Rutes i Origens is a cultural association formalised in 2012, but active in the city of Barcelona since 2006 as a group of young artists from different backgrounds who wanted to set up a permanent dialogue on art and social engagement. Our main targets are youngsters at risk of exclusion and/or from deprived neighbourhoods. Our artistic strengths lie in the disciplines of dance, music and audiovisual media.