Rutes i Origens is a cultural association formalised in 2012, but active in the city of Barcelona since 2006 as a group of young artists from different backgrounds who wanted to set up a permanent dialogue on art and social engagement. Our main targets are youngsters at risk of exclusion and/or from deprived neighbourhoods. Our artistic strengths lie in the disciplines of dance, music and audiovisual media.
Rutes i Origens thus aims at training, stimulating, and engaging young artists from diverse cultural backgrounds, promoting the emergence of new artistic languages in the field of performing arts and media. Our activities include creative residencies, workshops, training courses, seminars and exchanges with artists from other regions or countries. Through our activities we encourage young people to make use of art and media for their own purposes, for reflecting their lives and articulating their wishes and demands – thus making art and media a tool for self-empowerment and participation on a social, cultural and political level.

Our project activities are developed and carried out in cooperation with a variety of organisations and networks. We are members of the ROOTS & ROUTES International Association since 2006 and we have been active in the project since then with at least two activities a year. Among the members of Rutes i Origens there are researchers, professors from universities, producers, cultural agents and managers, pedagogists and active artists in performing arts.
Our operative teams has a broad experience in participating and coordinating European projects, as well as in audiovisual production, organisation of events, cultural management and intercultural communication.

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