Observation, critical analysis and storytelling about concrete artistic interventions referring to today’s society and job market.




Sources of support, Artists and society

Target groups

Artists, Creative and Cultural Professions, Trainers/Coaches


for all sectors, photography, visual and graphic arts, music, webdesign, dance, media, performing arts

Level of experience

for all levels, Beginners, Intermediary, Experienced


Individuals interested in socially engaged practices. Attitude to work in group. Basic knowledge of relational approach in didactics and art.


The aim is to foster an understanding of contemporary issues that is also social, economic, political and pedagogical: performing and visual artists who want to find their place as professionals in the cultural sector need tools and skills enabling them to face the increasing complexity of work in the creative and artistic sector. This means not only intercultural and interdisciplinary open-mindedness but cross-disciplinary competences, and awareness of the contemporary artists’ role within community based projects and socially engaged artistic practices.


  • What does it mean to work with the Public Sphere. The importance of a deep comprehension of political, sociological, cultural matters.
  • General tools to approach the public context. Exploration and practical activities: how to investigate a context, how to give an exaustive description of it, how to penetrate the hidden spheres of a community. Fieldwork and direct experience
  • Simulation and final demonstration, from an abstract model to the variation in the real world.


Active methodology, putting the accent on the participant's inputs and by giving them the possibility to exchange among peers is the principle skeleton. The trainer as an expert of that field acts as facilitator. Observing and analysing some concrete examples - video, photos, tales - will complete the path.


This module wants to provide participants with an articulated awareness of the complexity within any kind of cultural context, which is made by physical landscape, cultural legacies and social relationship. The main objective is to prepare the participants to be ready in choosing professional strategies and in managing their relationship with the context.


  • Bein able to give creative and innovative solutions to problems met, in relation with the context that one is working in
  • Increase the capacity to individuate the key points, to focus on the possibilities and to develop new strategies according to every specific case.


Basic equipment (computer, video projector, flipchart, wi fi).


Questionnaire to be filled out by the participants (given and collected at the end of the session)

Support material

Physical exercises, direct exploration of the public spaces around the training place, concrete simulation of interventions in the public sphere.

Other related recommended resources

evaluation available


4 h


8 to 15

Course language(s)

Français, Italiano, English

Past track experience

since 2013




Centro di Creazione e Cultura


Marina Bistolfi


under the project Routes to Employment


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Personal curriculum

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Centro di Creazione e Cultura

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