May it be for a client, a small enterprise or a cultural association, the biggest part of your energy should be spent on your project and not on solving management issues. This training tackles fundamentals of an easy and simple management, aiming at boosting one's trust and efficiency in the day-to-day organisation.


Pre-Production, Production


Project management

Target groups

Artists, Creative and Cultural Professions, Advisors


for all sectors, photography, visual and graphic arts, music, webdesign, dance, media, performing arts

Level of experience

for all levels, Beginners, Intermediary, Experienced


This training is for SMart members who already work with SMart's Activity-tool


This training tackles all project management's fundamentals: the definition of tasks to be accomplished and of the roles it involves, as well as the planification of deadlines and the drafting of precise budgets, all prerequisites for a good project management.


  • Define your prices and make a budget
  • Make lean and accurate cost estimates
  • Negotiate with your clients and suppliers
  • Define a work plan
  • Determine the roles and responsabilities of each project member
  • Identify potential problems
  • Track the project's implementation
  • Evaluate the project management
  • Enhance the administrative management (filing, use of templates, et.)


Active methodology, putting the accent on the participants' inputs and giving them the possibility to exchange among peers. Presentation by the trainer as an expert of that field.


  • To learn how to perceive administration procedures as something managable
  • To learn the logic behind project management
  • To gain time and acquire self-confidence in this field


  • the participants are able to manage the basic administrative and financial aspects of a project


Basic equipment (computer, video projector, flipchart, wifi)


Questionnaire to be filled out by the participants (paper and online versions exist)

Support material


Other related recommended resources

Infosheet "How to present a budget?" - evaluation available


21 h


up to 12

Course language(s)

Français, English

Past track experience

since 2014


Pierre Santos




Sophie Ypersiel


under the project Routes to Employment


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Personal curriculum

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SMart is a non-profit organisation created in Belgium in 1998 which is developing itself in 8 European countries. SMart aims to simplify and support the professional paths of creative and cultural workers. Their principal goal is to help the self-employed to develop their own activities through a secure system.