Brouhaha International is a registered charity, nongovernmental and professional arts organisation that operates in local, regional and international contexts. Brouhaha International is committed and focused on celebrating diversity and widening participation within the arts, engaging with a wide range of individuals, groups and organisations.
At home and abroad our arts engagement work has enabled us to promote and develop the idea that diversity is linked to creativity, maintaining our belief that the more diverse our workforce and programmes, the more creative we are as an organisation as we draw upon a global cultural and artistic experiences.

In the coming years we intend to strengthen our carnival arts and festival work whilst developing our organizations abilities to deliver a range of new and exciting cultural initiatives and arts projects.

Our future activities will continue to embrace and celebrate a diverse range of arts work with a commitment to the realization of performing arts projects in public spaces, on the streets, in park, in community venues and site specific outdoor locations. We strive to provide professional platforms and opportunities for artistic and cultural excellence and as we move forward to create great art, without losing sight of our purpose, vision and core values.

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