A wall with hand-drawn pictures of people and fairy lights stuck to it. There are tables under the pictures with coffee, tea, clothes and hand sanitizer on them.

Ahead of the first pilot exchange in Baltrum, all the partners gathered in Lille (virtually and in person) to develop quality criteria and guidelines for international youth art exchanges.
Seeking to answer the previously posed question of 'How can we best organise artistic self-empowerment spaces for young people?', over five days of brainstorming, drafting, feedback and redrafting, we left Lille with eight documents containing quality criteria and guidelines on topics of inclusivity, transnational cooperation, physical environments and safety, external and internal communication and artistic freedom, amongst others.

These documents will be the foundation of the six pilot exchanges that will put into practice the theoretical frameworks developed collaboratively in Lille, the first of which will happen in Baltrum in November. Following this, further feedback will continue shaping the criteria and guidelines.

Of course, in between intense days of work, we found time every evening to explore the city, strenghtening our collaboration not only through engaged group-work, but also laughter, reminiscing and the creation of new memories.

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