Rock'n'roll, concert, fans, spotlights ... and the administration in all of this? To help you find your way in the middle of the paperwork and legislation, we have implemented a series of French-Belgian professional training, called "Transform". "Transform REC" covers music industry and music recorded: legal issues, economic context, production, promotion, distribution...


Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production


Production of artistic projects

Target groups

Artists, Creative and Cultural Professions, Trainers/Coaches, Advisors


for all sectors, photography, visual and graphic arts, music, webdesign, dance, media, performing arts

Level of experience

for all levels, Beginners, Intermediary, Experienced


Intention to release an album or to record a music project.


This training was designed both for the artists and the professionnals of the creative sector. There are several modules in this training, which can be adapted to the participants.


This training session will provide to the participants tools to facilitate their work abroad and or to undertake the production of a recording or an album release in a national or an international dimension. Aspects related to pre-production, production, and pre-production, music industry, promotion, legal issues and differences between Belgium and France.


Legal framework of music industry:
  • Economic context
  • Phonographic industry
  • Production
  • Music publishing

Album release:
  • What value for an album realease nowadays?
  • What strategy?
  • What partnership?
  • What planning?
  • What fundings?
  • How to promote an album release?
  • Is a videoclip necessary/relevant?


Theory lessons. Exchange and discussion between the participants and with the trainers.


  • Help the artistes and music professionnals to undertsand legal and administrative issues in music industry.
  • Facilitate work of music professionnals (artists and managers) in transnational projects.
  • Promote cross-border artistic projects.


  • To acquire knowledge about music industry
  • To acquire knowledge on the specificities of music industry in France and in Belgium
  • To know how to manage an album release in an international context?


Basic equipment (computer, video projector, flipchart, wifi).


  • Questionnaire to be filled out by the participants (given and collected at the end of the session)
  • Discussion between the participants and the trainers at the begining and at the end of the day.

Support material

Powerpoint presentation, Examples of albums, Documents distribued to the participants: Albums promotion, promotion strategy, retroplannings, etc.


12 h


15 to 30

Course language(s)

Français, Nederlandse, English

Past track experience

since 2010


(Could be modified)

Jean François Bert
Pierre Van Brackel
Robin Sen Gupta / Manager of "Les Blaireaux" (French music band)
Alexandre Pinchart / Nada Booking


Rock’in Faches (RiF)


Estelle Vilcot


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Personal curriculum

This Curriculum was developed with funding from the EU programme ERASMUS+ as Strategic Partnership in the field of Vocational Education and Training.
This curriculum reflects only the authors’ views; the European Commission and the ERASMUS+ national agencies are not responsible for any use that may be made of the informations it contains.

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