Do you want to sell your work or your services as an artist to possible clients? This workshop will support you in building your artistic portfolio and presenting yourself to possible employers/buyers/contractors.


Pre-Production, Post-Production



Target groups

Artists, Creative and Cultural Professions


for all sectors, photography, visual and graphic arts, music, webdesign, dance, media, performing arts

Level of experience



Participants should bring portfolio elements that they already have; like CVs, professional photos, video or audio recordings etc; preferrably in digital form


This training is structured as a simulation game: Participants are preparing for a job interview. They go through various stations to prepare for this job interview, by working on their CV, their concept for the job and their artistic portfolio. After the job interview, they get individual feedback.


  • how to write and format a CV
  • how to compile an artistic portfolio
  • how to prepare for a job interview situation
  • how to act in a job interiew situation


Simulation game:
  • Introduction, explanation of the situation; each participant receives a individual invitation for a job interview, suitable to his_her artistic expertise and level
  • Various stations: working on CV, working on artistic portfolio, working on concept for the job, optionally: taking professional photos, optionally for dancers and musicians: shooting a quick but professional one-shoot-video
  • Individual job interview |
  • Individual feedback


  • to upgrade one’s self-promotional materials (specifically artistic portfolio and CV)
  • to learn how to develop concepts for artistic services for specific clients
  • to gain confidence and improve performance in job interviews


Participants will have an upgraded CV and artistic portfolio, more confidence for future job interviews, and optionally will have a few professional pictures and/or a video/audio recording useful for self-promotion


  • At least 3 trainers! We worked with a 5 persons team on this: One for each of the stations, including a professional photographer and videographer. For the simulated job interviews, 2 persons did the interviewing, 1 person managed the door / getting the next participant to his_her interview in time
  • some online computers (we had 4 for 18 participants), at least one printer
  • Markers, pens and papers
  • enough rooms/space for various stations, plus a separate room for the job interviews
  • optionally equipment for professional photos, audio and/or video recordings


Online Questionnaire (Google Drive)

Support material

Examples / templates for artistic CVs and portfolios


10 h


up to 18

Course language(s)

Deutsch, Français, Español, English

Past track experience

since 2011


Janna Hadler, Philipp Godart, Sascha Düx


ROOTS & ROUTES Cologne e. V. (RRCGN)


Sascha Düx


under the project Routes to Employment


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Personal curriculum

This Curriculum was developed with funding from the EU programme ERASMUS+ as Strategic Partnership in the field of Vocational Education and Training.
This curriculum reflects only the authors’ views; the European Commission and the ERASMUS+ national agencies are not responsible for any use that may be made of the informations it contains.

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