At the end of August, Kaunas Cultural Centre of Various Nations presented the innovative OnGea system — 3 different digital tools (Activity Module, Website Channels and Mobile App), which were created by the Roots & Routes International network — 10 project partner organizations, leaded by ROOTS & ROUTES Cologne and funded by Erasmus+ KA2 strategic partnership "OnGea! Online Gear Enhancing Youth Work"
The audience of this event was quite diverse. People who took a part in „OnGea“ Multiplier Event were heads of various kind of associations, NGO, representatives of universities and business units. But all of them have had an interest in ideas how to manage various projects, mobilities, conferences and events easier and faster. So while presenting “OnGea“ project those questions were addressed. Presentation was lead by director of Kaunas Cultural Centre of Various Nations Dainius Babilas and project manager Agne Kairyte-Timinskiene. After theoretical presentation of the tool a practical part took a place and participants got the chance to try how “OnGea“ works. Afterwards a short discussion about possibilities and limitations of using “OnGea“ was moderated by Dainius Babilas.

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