My name is KABU, i´m from Tübingen in the south of Germany, near Stuttgart. Since the end of 2020 i live in Cologne, which ROOTS & ROUTES also is a reason for. I´m an independent Rap artist, Rap coach, media designer as well as a cofunder & coach of the Hip-Hop empowerment projects "TALK".
On the silvester night 2016 to 2017 i reached the deepest artistic low i ever experienced in my life. I spent the silvester night alone, for the first time ever, at the highest viewpoint of my city with a view on all the fireworks above Tübinger city. I drank, and cried and promised myself to never get to such a low ever again!

The one thing that was missing was the unbroken will aswell as the strategy to really go through with what i wanted to be and cause.I had no one in my surrounding who was able to lead my way, my hometown was too small and my friends were too unmotivated and unsure to go all the way in.

A few weeks after that evening I recieved a fowarded mail from RRCGN for the Peer coach academy which sounded very promising to me even tho I had doubts if was on the same level as the others in Cologne. I took part anyways which would greatly impact the rest of my upcoming.

I finally met a lot of other people with the same goals and lifestyle as me, some of them who had already reached their goals. I learned that a lot of peope experienced the same struggles as me, which was a big relief. They showed me that it was possible anyways, no matter how hard it seemed.

The whole experience truly opened my eyes. To be able to live on a campus, almost like having a scholarship and to take part in that training without any kind of degree. Such a great esteem for artists.

I learned a lot about my self and my vocation wich lead me to further work with ROOTS & ROUTES and to even take part in 2 experiences with up to 50 artist out of 10 different countries, even tho i wasn´t perfectly fluent in english. I expanded my musical and theatrical skills.

In coclusion, R & R became a family to me, such a precious network of talented and lovely people. I met people that turned into some of my best friends.

Through R&R I became a lot better at being a Rap coach and project organisator aswell as an independent artist. I now live in cologne together with friends i made at the peer coach academy, one of them is my producer with who I released most of my songs. Right now everything is going really well for me and a lot of that is thanks to you.