If one word could describe both projects, it has to be "lively". The time during the projects is very intensive. You get to feel every existing feeling there is, wich is wonderful.
Freedom, art. The people are unique and have a lot of character, wich is very insipring because the majority of the privileged society gives up a lot of freedom to adapt to society. I recall a situation of frustration, anger and despair. I recall wunderful conversations, about the connectedness with people who felt the way I did. I recall hugs that lasted minutes and the feeling of strenght, to accept the feeling of lonelyness and to find people you can connect with.

You constantly leave your comfort zone and challenge your fears. I´m writing this filled with love, thankfulness and longing. I´m in love with the spectrum of my emotions, because they define me and they are art. And I am extremely thankful to have had the opportunity, for all the people who were a part of the project, and for my self who is full of live