Vasiliki is an artist from Greece and active member of the Greek organization Synergy of Music Theater (S.Mou.Th).
In 2013, Vasiliki joined her first ROOTS & ROUTES project, becoming a part of the community. Since then she has been involved in several ROOTS & ROUTES projects as a talent in music and visual arts or even by helping in organizing and any possible way. In 2016 she has been elected by the ROOTS & ROUTES talents into the board as ROOTS & ROUTES Community Representative.

Vasiliki has studied architecture and is now working on her master degree in design. She has participated in multiple festivals, exhibitions and competitions, and has worked with artist from all disciplines. Additionally she has carried researches about space in art and about translating visual and spatial elements into sound.


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Synergy of Music Theatre (S.Mou.Th.)

Synergy of Music Theatre (S.Mou.Th.) is a non-profit organization, whose workforce is a group of dedicated, experienced and emerging artists.

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