Valnalón (Ciudad Industrial del Valle del Nalón) is a public company located in Langreo, Asturias. Since 1987 it supports innovation and entrepreneurship across all sectors providing training and start-up support.
Valnalon is an agency of the regional government of Asturias (Spain) in Asturias. As a matter of fact, Valnalon is strategically located in Langreo occupying the premises of an old steel factory. Far from coincidental, this location conveys a clear message about Valnalon mission, to act as a catalyst, to facilitate a somewhat difficult transition of a former industrial region with an economy largely based in coal and steel into a new economic model.

Valnalon has the mandate to put into practice the ideas exposed in the Asturias Regional Action Plan for Entrepreneurship in two key areas: Business start-up support and Entrepreneurship Education.
Ever since its inception Valnalon has been providing business start-up advice, training and support to budding entrepreneurs helping them to create hundreds of new companies. At the same time, Valnalon has earned an excellent reputation due to its pioneering role in the promotion of cooperative entrepreneurship in the education system. Valnalon plays a brokering role bringing together decision-makers, practitioners, and other social agents such as employers and third sector organizations to design and implement a coherent portfolio of innovative education projects in primary, secondary and VET.

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