EuroEst Youth Foundation Romania (Fundatia de Tineret “EuroEst”) is a nongovernmental and non-profit organisation, founded on March 1997 in order to promote social, cultural and artistic interests of young people.
EuroEst’s aims and objectives include:

  • to encourage the participation of young people in the cultural life of their society by organizing cultural events, promoting the young talented people in different fields of activity, establishing documentary relations with similar institutions from Romania and abroad;

  • to promote among young people the civic and democratic ideas and the projects worked out by them regarding the European integration;

  • to realize educational programs for young people and to stimulate their associative life;

  • to organize sporting and entertainment activities;

  • to create/share a data bank of the associative movement in our country and Europe which will enable the information exchange among teenagers;

  • to help by logistic support the advertising activities regarding youth events;

  • to initiate an “Journalism Centre for Youth” in order to stimulate the communication between young people, between youth organizations and to draw the businessman community into young people’s interests, to promote youth activities in mass-media, to publish an information revue for young readers;

  • to organize symposiums, round tables, seminars, conferences, training for social and professional orientation and any other connected activities in out country and abroad with other foundations, organizations or any other institutions which have the same goals.

EuroEst Youth Foundation is a founding member of the ROOTS & ROUTES International Association.

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