A great example of an upcoming tradition that turns people into a community
One of the things all humans share is that art, in any form and context of expression it gets the people talking. Whether it’s a meaningful three-hour talk over the meaning of a performance or a two-minute laughter over the headache you might be getting over an abstract photo portrait, art, in its various forms, gets people together and talking.

Artistic expression is a blank canvas for everyone to paint their opinions, if are exposed to art, how it is made, the people and the organisation behind it. That’s what I believe lies in the core of the latest-formed tradition of the ROOTS&ROUTES International Network.

Since 2022 has begun, the administrative team of R&R has organised transnational digital handouts, wanting to strengthen the ties of its members by bringing them together. But these hangouts are also an invitation for people who aren’t members and want to come in touch with something artistic and new and communicate.

The second Community hangout of ROOTS&ROUTES International will be a place to exchange ideas with new and old ROOTS & ROUTES participants; to get an overview of upcoming ROOTS & ROUTE projects. It will be taking place on the 9th of May, Monday 18:30 CET, via Zoom.
There will also be an opportunity to meet the editorial team of the R&R network (the RRED team) and discover the latest addition to the network, an organization from Romania.

Finally, anyone who joins will get to know the Community Communication Platform.

The Community Hangouts have all the makings of a great tr-addition: they bring together an open and interactive society, they happen often and they have a clear goal: to show people something new, about artistic expression and more, and get them talking and connecting.

If you’re interested you can join the Zoom-Session by sending an e-Mail to janna@rrcgn.de and get the zoom-link!

And of course, if you got your own topics that you want to bring in you are more than welcome to present them to the hangout.