Have you been part of one or more ROOTS & ROUTES projects in the past on an international or local level? There are some changes in the ROOTS & ROUTES International world we would like to tell you.
What is the ROOTES & ROUTES International association (RRIA)?
RRIA is an association that was founded in the Netherlands to let a Network of Various Organisations grow/work and develop together. Several Organisations are or have been Members in these association e.g. CCC from Florence; SMouTh from Larissa; Subjective Values Foundation from Budapest; KITKC from Kaunas, ROOTS & ROUTES Netherlands from Rotterdam; ROOTS & ROUTES Cologne from Cologne (!!!); Les Têtes de l‘Art from Marseille; Brouhaha from Liverpool. This association doesn’t work like a franchise company (like Starbucks or McDonalds, where you have one brand that you use the same everywhere) it is more the diversity of all the organisations that makes it interesting. So all the organisations are working individually on a local level but are connected through the international association. And one big part of the association are the young artists that we work with.

Therefore, for several years it was important for RRIA to have Community Members as part of the Organisation to listen to the voice of the young artists as well! Now and perhaps you have already heard somewhere - for logistical reasons we are currently in the process of closing the old ROOTS & ROUTES association, which since the start 20 years ago was based in Rotterdam, NL. But we opened up a new association in Cologne, Germany. Due to the law a simple relocation of the headquarters was not possible, so we had to close and open up again.
This also means it is a fresh Start to get involved!
If you are interested in becoming a Community Member of the association, now it is a good time!

Why do you want to do it?
- You support the international ROOTS & ROUTES family
- You can become or vote for one Community Representative. This person will then be part of the RRIA Board and got 2 Votes in the General Assembly of the association. The next elections will be in February 2022. To get more information about the Election go to the end of this post.
- You can meet up with new and old ROOTS & ROUTES people, at least once a year in a digital RRIA Community meeting.

How to become a Member?
- Just fill in this form: here
- A membership costs 10 €/year and is automatically renewed

If you have any questions feel free to contact your local RR organisation!

You just need to read this if you are interested in the RRIA Community Council Representative elections

RRIA Community Council Representative
Also in the new association there will be a RRIA Community Council Representative. To candidate or vote for that you first need to become a member (see above). The elections for the new Community Council Representative will take place online but also during the International Project “Re-designing Wor(l)ds” in Florence on 1st March 2022. To candidate you need to be less than 31 years old at the time of the elections.
What does the RRIA Community Representative do?
The RRIA Community Representative is elected for two years and has the job to collect feedback, wishes and demands from young artists participating in ROOTS & ROUTES projects – and to carry that feedback into the RRIA Board. The travel costs to the board meetings are fully covered, and the Representative has full voting right in the board and one vote in the General Assembly. There will be a RRIA Community Representative and a vice Representative elected.

If you are interested in getting to know the management level of the ROOTS & ROUTES International Association, and representing the young artists in the network on that level, you’re warmly invited to register yourself until January 31st here.

Timeline for the voting:
January 24th 2022, 18:30 CET:
RRIA Community Zoom Meeting. You also have the chance to present yourself to the Community (in case you already know by then that you want to candidate as Representative)
January 31st 2022, 23:00 CET:
deadline for candidates to register here.

February 21st – 28th 2022
Online voting

March 1st 2022:
RRIA Community Council meeting with physical voting during the Project in Florence