Congratulations to our new Community Council Representative Daileni Alcántara Asencio! At the annual assembly of the council of the young artists in the international ROOTS & ROUTES network, the Rotterdam based music producer and MC was elected to be the spokesperson for one year; representing the young artists in the board of the ROOTS & ROUTES International Association.
This is the note that Daileni gave after being elected: “During a short week in Dunkerque (FR), I got elected as the new Community Council Representative for ROOTS & ROUTES International. I am humbled by your trust in me and forever grateful to be a part of the ROOTS & ROUTES family! A highlight in not only my artistic journey, but especially in my quest through life as a human being. I believe that through art we can expand the visibility of so many issues in this world. And create a path to a better life for ourselves and even more for others. Cause I know that you have to give to receive. So I give you my effort and inspiration. I believe in art and I believe in you. Thank you all.”