After two years of transnational cooperation, the ROOTS & ROUTES project “Follow Up” ended with an international conference in Barcelona.
“Non-formal and informal artistic education in Europe: Music, Media, Dance” was the title of the conference held at Sala de Graus de la Facultad de Formación del Profesorado, Campus Mundet, University of Barcelona on September 23rd, 2011. During this final conference, the main results of the “Follow Up” project were presented to local stakeholders who did not take part in the project’s primary activities. Scholars, art school directors, social educators and artists exchanged experiences and ideas with the Follow Up participants.

The conference ended with a performance and a ceremony issuing the ROOTS & ROUTES certificates to young talents who took part in the Creative Residence in Barcelona in May.

“Roots and Routes Follow-up” is an action-research project addressing non-formal and informal learning in artistic contexts in Europe. It explores the current status of validation of informal and non-formal learning outcomes in this field, and works on a model for the assessment of artistic skills in music, dance and media. The project is funded by the EU programme LEONARDO.