Roots & Routes International presents a new trailer with images from the latest projects and activities.
Trailer of the international ROOTS & ROUTES network for the promotion of cultural and social diversity in performing arts and media.

Edited by Irene Alfambra
Music by Tim Junge

Camera and colour grading by various participants and coaches of ROOTS & ROUTES projects, including Léo Terreros, Conny Beißler, Akeem Cruz Neves, Mark-Steffen Göwecke, Konstantinos Peristeropoulos, Markus Kauert, Kang Chen, Giedrius Meškauskas, Renata Hanko and Heiko Walter.

Performing and dance by various participants of ROOTS & ROUTES projects.

© 2016 ROOTS & ROUTES International Association, Irene Alfambra and all artists involved