Today the new website of the international ROOTS & ROUTES network and its umbrella organisation, the ROOTS & ROUTES International Association (RRIA), went online.
November 16th is the International Day for Tolerance – a good day to relaunch the website of the international ROOTS & ROUTES network.

At 16:30 CET today, the new website went online. Webdesign was done by Ruben Vandendriessche, who won the open call issued by RRIA in 2015. Programming and implementation was done by Aileen Wessely. The website concept was developed by Aileen and Ruben together with RRIA board member Sascha Düx, backed up by the RRIA website group with Cilia Willem, Pietro Gaglianò, Jade Schiff, Lorenzo Ciacciavicca, Benoît Garet and Sophia Koustas.

The previous website had been running since 2008, offering multilingual information on ROOTS & ROUTES activities in all partner countries of the network. But it got more and more outdated, since it was not compatible with mobile devices, and its Flash-based videos wouldn’t play on most Apple devices. The current website focuses on the international level of the network and the umbrella organisation RRIA.

Towards winter 2017/18, in the context of the OnGea project, the new website will be developed further, allowing multilingual content and offering partner organisations own sections for their national content.

This website was implemented using technology developed in the project “OnGea –ONline GEAr enhancing youth work”, funded by the European Union programme ERASMUS+.