Subjective Values Foundation included a drama in education and a slam poetry writing workshop as part of the Art4Act multiplier event in Hungary.
The Hungarian Art4Act multiplier event took place on July 12th as part of the official program of the Bánkitó Fesztivál.

This provided a very fitting context for the event, as Bánkitó is not simply a music festival, but a festival that was started by young activists and NGO workers with very strong political and societal messages of inclusion, democratic values, civil participation and engagement. Many NGOs and youth organizations are present at the festival showcasing the work they are doing and sharing professional and personal experiences with the visitors and each other.

Our multiplier event took place in the mayor’s office – one of the venues of the festival. It was a 3-hour-long program which started off with the presentation of the in-development Art4Act guide book for youth workers.

This was followed by an hour of drama in education exercises led by Veronika Szabó, who also explained how these exercises could be implemented by youth workers working with youth in danger of social exclusion.

After this Bence Bárány took over, gave a brief introduction to slam poetry and led a collective poetry writing session which gave participants the opportunity to recall some of their personal memories of being a teenager. We all loved the collective poem we created.

At the end of the event we screened the Hungarian Art4Act video for the participants.

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