RiO's president Cilia Willem shows how OnGea works

OnGea: what can it do for your organisation? The OnGea app was introduced to a variety of stakeholders in Barcelona
On 21 July the OnGea mobility tool and app were presented at the Sala Polivalent in Barcelona. The event was set up by Associació Rutes i Origens, and brought together a selected group of people representing organisations in different areas in Barcelona and Catalonia:

- public administration
- scouts and other youth movements
- volunteers organisations
- cultural and artistic associations
- mobility services
- training institutions and schools

Participants were asked to introduce themselves, tell us some more about how they organise exchanges and mobilities, and their motivation to attend the event. The OnGea app and tools were presented and the demo shown. At the end of the event, participants asked questions and raised issues and suggestions.

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