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RnR Cologne 06
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During the ROOTS&ROUTES Festival 2006 in Cologne 30 participants from Germany came together with 25 young talents and five experts from 7 european countries (France, Greece, Italy, Sweden, Hungary, Netherlands and Great Britain)

A large part of the festival included dance performances, camera work, moderation, rap/vocals and a complete liveband was put together.

As the last phase of the World Cup approached everyone got together and started an intense workshop week. During this week 5 songs, which was a mixture of hiphop, reggae and RnB, were writen, rehearsed and recorded.
A 7 minute choreography containing urban dance elements were created and rehearsed. 3 short documentaries were filmed and edited.
The first highlight was the masterclass with the reggae artist Martin Jondo. On July 14th the young participants performed with a mixture of dance and live music on the red stage of the Summerjam Festival.
Reggae artists, for example Jimmy Cliff or Damian Marley, usually perform on this gigantic stage. On this day the stage belonged to 55 european teenangers.
With their live performance they captivated a huge audience of 3000 people.

ROOTS&ROUTES cologne 2006 was sponsored by the European-Programme KULTUR 2000 and by the Programm ENTIMON by the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Women and Youth.


07.07.2006 - 17.07.2006



Contact person: sascha > jfc > Germany


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Dans Masterclass Matt Luck (V.S.)

Dans Masterclass Matt Luck (V.S.)

Germany | England | France | Netherlands


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